I am self taught and everything inspires me…wonderful & wicked, beautiful, knarly, old, new, natural & supernatural…..

As a child, and then as a toy prototype sculptor for many years as an adult, I have always sculpted and fabricated small precious objects. Making delicate and beautiful works in metal & stone seemed like a very natural progression.

In 2005, after thinking about it for years, I finally took the plunge, went and bought a basic jewelers set up, arranged my studio accordingly and began by making some silver rings for my boyfriend (now husband). As one piece led to another, each technique learned and skill acquired took me to a new level. I invested more of my time, energy & income to my new found love.

Now I make and sell my jewelry full time!  I am incredibly happy at my work bench sculpting wax, finishing casts and fabricating gold and silver treasures. I love making tiny artworks that will be worn with pleasure by others.

All pieces are cast in NY's jewelry district with recycled or ethically derived metals then fabricated and finished by my hand. I work in a home studio/loft in the East Village, NYC. 

Thank you so much for visiting and taking a look!

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